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Strategist. Speaker. Producer.

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"Define your why to determine your how."
- Danielle Gray, MBA


Content Strategist


Keynote Speaker


Live Event Producer

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About Danielle
Known for her relatability and humor, Danielle Gray challenges her audience to reconnect with what make them human. The way she fuses vulnerability with applicable tactics makes a lasting impression on her audience. Her goal is to empower each person to not just be a better businessperson, but to also be a better human. 


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program topics

Program Topics

Strategy + Content
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Nobody's Reading That!

Content for the Scanning Eye

Nobody's Reading That!

Crafting Content for the Scanning Eye

Available in: 60min, 75min + 90mins

In this session, we discuss how we

can craft content in a way that allows readers to not only scan, but to find the scan so helpful, that they’ll want to read the whole thing. What will you do with the 8 seconds (or shorter) to capture attention?

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How Content Builds Trust (and Business)

How Content Creation Builds Trust (and Business | 3-Part Series

60min per session

This session is perfect for a content strategy boost. We’ll discuss everything from developing content that resonates with your audience to how to promote through email and social media. KPIs and leadership buy-in will also be discussed.

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Confessions of a 

Content Whisperer

Confessions of a Content Whisperer:

Cracking the Code to Extracting Content from Technical Experts

Available in: 60min, 75min + 90mins

We’ll discuss how to gain leadership buy-in, working with specific internal personas and five methods marketers can use to extract quality content from their team without driving either of you crazy.

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How to Accelerate Your Content Development Process with AI

How to Accelerate Your Content Development Process with AI

Available in: 75min + 90mins

Developing content has been a task many marketers believe in, but don’t often have time for in their workday. In this session, we’ll discuss how and where we can save time (and brain power) using AI to effectively create client-focused content that produces results and generates leads. 

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4.5 Steps to Ignite + Sustain Passion

4.5 Steps to Ignite + Sustain Passion

Available in: 60min, 75min + 90mins

In this session, we will explore four and a half steps to ignite and sustain your passion for both work and life. If you are ready to honestly look at yourself, your environment and your beliefs about what life is, this session is for you. 

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